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Weighted Blanket Manufacturer & Custom

         Order weighted blankets wholesale or bulk.Made in China.We’ve been manufacturing weighted blankets.Better and Safer than overseas manufacturers.

Supply Ability:

      600000 Piece/Pieces per Month.

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Weighted Blankets – Wholesale Orders:
Our Weighted Washable Body Blankets are Made in China. We offer competitive wholesale pricing on all products, including weighted blankets.Send us emails today

weighted blanket manufacturer

       We are a weighted Blankets manufacturer located in China. We provide both wholesale and online sales of weighted blankets service. We are proud of our complete production line of our product which includes 35 sets of single needle computerized quilting machines,6 sets of multi-needles computerized quilting machines,4 sets of computerized embroidery machines.

     In many Weighted Blankets manufacturers, we have a clear advantage. Founded in 1991, our company has total assets of 700 million dollars and its primary business is feather and textile manufacturing. We have more than 2,200 employees and several production lines….more

100% cotton weighted blanket

Weighted Blankets Custom

Customized size, Customized weight,Customized color,Customized LOGO, Customized packaging,Customized process

minky dot weighted blanket

Packaging Details

PE bag + custom printed paperbroad
PVC + custom printed paperbroad
Custom made box and carry bags

we offer air transport,sea transport,Express

Shipping port

Free to Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port

Wholesale Weighted Blankets–Products

Custom Weighted Blanket

Custom Weighted Blanket cover image

Custom Weighted Blanket Cover

Custom Kids Weighted Blanket image

Custom Kids Weighted Blanket

banmoo weighted blanket

Custom Adult Weighted Blanket

Why choose weighted blanket manufacturers

           This is because China is a traditional manufacturing powerhouse, where it is well equipped and has lower labor costs, and many people have partnered with Chinese manufacturers to get better quality and cheaper products.

  In recent years, the business of weighting blankets has been booming, especially in the United States.

   To maximize cost reduction, many businessmen have turned to the Chinese market, wholesale and custom-made weighted blankets from China.

Wholesale Weighted Blankets
How Weighted blanket wholesale
In today’s cross-border trade is very mature, China is also an important source of imports from the United States. Wholesale weight blankets in China are clearly very reliable. Because many merchants have already done so. They got a lot of good business information and products from weighted blanket manufacturers in mainland China.Including Amazon brand YNM ,CJXM….

Custom Weighted Blanket
Are weighted blankets from China Wholesale reliable?
The distance between China and the United States is far from the Pacific. If your weight blanket is small, they may take the form of air transportation, and if so, shipping is necessary.As for freight charges,they will make the most favorable mode of transportation according to the size, weight and quantity of the weighted blanket ordered by the customer.
weighted blanket manufacturer
weighted Blanket manufacturer
From china Wholesale weighted blanket what is the freight rate?
minky dot weighted blanket

100% cotton weighted blanket
Cotton Weighted Inner Layer Grey

minky dot weighted blanket cover

The Weighted Blanket Company–Order weighted blankets wholesale or bulk

       The weighted blankets from China, The Weighted Blanket Companyare designed to ground your body while you sleep, providing a calming effect that help alleviate stress and anxiety. Another thing to help ease your mind? The company offers a five-year warranty on all of its products.

Weighted Blanket Manufacturer

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our weighted blanket maximizes relaxation and minimizes body movement for a dapper rem cycle