Weighted blanket wholesale China

How Weighted blanket wholesale in China, selects a professional supplier

      In recent years, the business of weighting blankets has been booming, especially in the United States. To maximize cost reduction, many businessmen have turned to the Chinese market, wholesale and custom-made weighted blankets from China.

Why choose China’s weighted blanket manufacturers and suppliers

       There are many manufacturers and suppliers of weighted blankets. Why do they have the advantage of ordering weighted blankets from China? This is because China is a traditional manufacturing powerhouse, where it is well equipped and has lower labor costs, and many people have partnered with Chinese manufacturers to get better quality and cheaper products.

Are weighted blankets from China Wholesale reliable?

         In today’s cross-border trade is very mature, China is also an important source of imports from the United States. Wholesale weight blankets in China are clearly very reliable. Because many merchants have already done so. They got a lot of good business information and products from weighted blanket manufacturers in mainland China.Including Amazon brand YNM and so on are selected from China.

What to pay attention to from custom-made weighted blankets in China

      Weighted blanket glass beads

     No matter where you customize the weighted blanket, you need to decide what kind of packing to use, weight blanket fillers are usually

Weighted blanket minky dot cover green

made of glass beads, plastic beads, etc. Which is better?

     Some companies use food products such as rice as a filling for weighted blankets. However, these food products collect bacteria, and the blanket is impossible to wash. Sensory Goods uses plastic pellets or glass beads, and the glass bead option is highly recommended. The glass beads are so small that they cannot break, and it makes for a nicer and softer material. One cup of the glass beads weighs as much as three cups of the plastic beads, so the blanket is smaller — an onlooker cannot necessarily tell it is a weighted blanket, and it prevents children from being picked on when their peers notice a larger blanket. Additionally, all the therapists and children who first tested the blankets picked the glass bead blanket over the ones with plastic beads.

     As a professional weight blanket manufacturer, according to our statistics, most people choose glass beads as weighted blanket fillers. Of course, you can also have your own choice.

Custom design sample

    When you find a weighted blanket factory, it’s important to customize the design sample and you can send them to the United States where you are. By customizing the design sample, you can clearly see the strength of the manufacturer. If there is no problem with the sample, you can continue the negotiation and then determine the price and the fake date.

How to find a suitable weighted blanket manufacturer or factory

     China has many weighted blanket factories, but many of these Chinese manufacturers do not have mass production capacity. All you need to do is find those companies that have plenty of capacity. It can guarantee your supply. At the same time, large manufacturers can also bring better services and faster logistics.

Weighted blanket minky dot cover gray

You can find relevant manufacturers on the network, then examine their production capacity, product quality and price, and finally get a suitable product through comparison.

Specifically, here are a few areas that you must pay attention to.

1. Experience

. This is our #1 criterion. We only work with experienced specialists. If a factory has never made a similar item, we move on to the next factory. The reason is our own experience. Years ago, we worked with a few big, successful factories that had great general experience but struggled to make a simple item just because it was new to them.

2. History

We use both paid services and Chinese government organizations (akin to the American Better Business Bureau) to thoroughly research factories before we use them. We’re looking to see if the factory is considered reputable and reliable. Trust me: A little homework of this kind in the early stages can save a lot of headaches later on.

3. Location

Believe it or not, where a factory is located can have a major impact on a project. Taxes are just one reason why. All goods produced in China are assessed a Value Added Tax (VAT), a percentage of which is rebated to the factory once its goods are exported. But that rebate rate varies from province to province. So, in theory, a product can cost 10% more just because you made it in the wrong province.

4. Communication Skills

We have a multilingual staff that speaks several dialects of Chinese fluently. But we still rate factories based on their ability to communicate clearly and effectively with us. That’s because communication is a two-way street. We also look beyond the words and rate the factory’s speed of communication. If management is slow in responding to our initial requests, we take that as a sign and eliminate the factory from consideration.

5. Production Capacity

We specialize in high-volume manufacturing for the DRTV industry. In that industry, production needs can go from a few hundred pieces to millions of pieces in just a few weeks. So we rate factories on their ability to scale production quickly. We assess this based on the factory manager’s ability to explain maximum daily capacity and the number of production machines and workers on staff.

Of course, we also evaluate price and quality, which is a process unto itself. On price, factories can take inexperienced players for a ride by gouging on mold charges or quoting under cost only to raise prices prior to production.

Weighted blanket from China Wholesale 11 negotiation steps

1) Ask for recommendations

Talk with companies in your trusted network who have manufacturing experience to see what factories they have had a good experience with in the past.

2) Make a list

Use the information you get from your conversations with peers to generate a differentiated list of 5-10 CMs.

3) Create an RFQ

The Request for Quote package (RFQ) provides the CM with sufficient info to understand the product and provide a quote for the cost of goods sold (COGS), tooling, schedule, etc. There is always a balancing act, as you don’t want to provide so much info that your IP is overly exposed.

4) Provide the right details in your RFQ

Overview (Word Doc)

Team overview


Product description


Pending work

Factory selection criteria

BOM (Excel Doc)

Canonical format

Transparent and Formula Driven

Separate Std, Special and Consigned Margins

Include all costs to Ex-Factory

Fill in the blanks format


Ganttt chart (Cloud)

Fill in the blanks format

5) Narrow down your list

Down select to 3 to 5 factories based on your product category.

6) Get NDAs in place and release the RFQ

7) Visit each factory

The best time to visit is roughly one week after sending the RFQ. They have had a chance to review the documents and create questions.

8) Talk to references

Ask the CMs for intros to their customers to reference check.

9) Create a CM Decision Matrix

Base your decision matrix on the following categories:

Margins (Std, Special, Consigned)


Pareto of the top 5 most expensive components


Fit criteria

10) Negotiate with the finalists

Narrow your list down to the top 2 to 3 CMs and negotiate the biggest line items.

11) Select the winner

After picking a CM, be sure to leave the others on good terms.

And with that, you are officially on the road to pre-production!

Questions or feedback? Let us know!

Where can I find a weighted blanket supplier in China

Our company is a manufacturer of Weighted Blanket in mainland China, which provides professional services of production, wholesale and distribution. Currently,many companies wholesale weighted blankets from here.

In many Weighted Blankets manufacturers, we have a clear advantage. Founded in 1991, our company has total assets of 700 million dollars and its primary business is feather and textile manufacturing. We have more than 2,200 employees and several production lines. In addition, our company has a significant advantage in all stages including material selection, production, packaging, inspection and logistics. Moreover, considering the size of our company, we are able to receive large-scale orders.

Hardware Strength

        In terms of production capacity, our company is a leader in many Weighted Blankets manufacturers.We have 7 advanced production lines for down and feather processing, more than 1,000 sewing machines, 28 sets of computerized quilting equipment, 24 single-needle computerized quilting machines, and 4 multi-needle computerized quilting machines. This extensive equipment allows us to produce 8,000 tons of down and feather materials, 4,000,000 down comforters, 3,000,000 synthetic products, 1,000,000 sheets and duvet sets, 300,000 down garments, and 20,000,000 meters of all kinds of fabric annually.Wholesale weighted blankets, more people choose our company.

From China Wholesale weighted blanket, what is the freight rate?

      The distance between China and the United States is far from the Pacific. If your weight blanket is small, they may take the form of air transportation, and if so, shipping is necessary.As for freight charges,they will make the most favorable mode of transportation according to the size, weight and quantity of the weighted blanket ordered by the customer.

Current situation of weighted blankets in China

         The heat of the weighted blanket market in the United States also led to the hot market in China. A large number of quilt factories turned to producing weighted blankets, and weighted blankets of various sizes went out of the factory to thousands of households.


         As a professional weight blanket supplier, we have served many American weighted blanket wholesalers, including Amazon’s top-ranking companies.If you want to wholesale or customize weighted blankets, we are your best choice.